Kitchen Scrubber Shiny Pillow

৳ 30



  • CLEANING SPONGES THAT DON’T SCRATCH: Are you looking for a useful kitchen sponge that can clean the grease and dry stains without damaging the glass, plastic, metal, and smooth non-stick surfaces? These dish scrubbers are made with scratch-proof materials so that your dishware and cookware will remain as good as new.
  • CLEAN ANY ITEM AND SURFACE: You can use these truly multipurpose dish sponges to clean many different kinds of items, materials, and surfaces, including pans, dishes, silverware, plastic ware, Teflon, windows, microwaves, ovens, cars, wood, china dishes, copper, showers, sinks, guns, shoes and more.
  • SAVE MONEY AND EFFORT: You only need a small amount of soap and water when you use these premium pot scrubbers. You will then be able to clean any surface thoroughly and effortlessly! To clean the used scrubber sponge, rinse it and squeeze it, or put it in the dishwasher. These non-scratch sponges challenge any cooking mess!
  • DURABLE LONG-LASTING MATERIALS: Unlike metal scrub sponges that rust quickly, these polyester and polyurethane cleaner sponges will stain in excellent condition for up to 3 months (500 uses). Each set includes six gold and six silver scrubber pads, so you will not have to buy a new pack anytime soon!

How to use the perfect scrubber sponge: Rinse thoroughly before and after each use, then squeeze to dry. When you use it on stainless steel, copper cookware, china dishes, and plasticware, test first in an inconspicuous area, allow the surface to dry and verify that there was no damage. It is not intended for Aquarium Use.

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